Our work is the presentation of our capabilities

"You should learn from your competitor but never copy. Copy, and you die."

Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba


"We run an innovative "ALL IN ONE SERVICE"  and work internationally as an Internet consultant for e-business since 2003." 
Lakatos Gabriella CeM, founder, and CEO

Initially, we were expert in online Retail channels from and to Hungary. As our clients have been widening as our services have been enlarged and our experiences have been increased. Now we are experts in retail in Hungary and surrounding Hungarian speaking areas. We have enhanced practice in sales online in EU and outside of EU including overseas sales. We are experienced in introducing new products and registering processes in Hungary and EU authorities.

E-Bridges E-business™ is one of the first full-service e-commerce, e-marketing, and website management firm in Europe, located in EU member Hungary, founded by Gabriella Lakatos CeM eMarketer. She is one of the pioneers of e-commerce in Europe.


Our recipe for productivity to learn and grow


1. Good citizens: People that follow rules, routines, and regulations.
2. Innovators: People who break the rules, challenge the impossible, and live to the beat of their own drum.

  1. If you are a person that values 'Innovator" and "Good citizens" mutually.
  2. If you want to work in an environment that allows you to sell anywhere in the world.
  3. If you want to work in an environment that values and measures your power and excellence. 
  4. If you want to work in an environment of like-minded individuals. 
  5. If you like the freedom of flexibility to work remote

Then work with us!

Our Milestones

2018 - Handling critical issues in international sales due to other work culture and other attitudes in B2C and B2B directions.

We do not lose. We win or learn. There was a loss, but we learned how to make the failures even cheaper. What are we talking about? What is a winning technique elsewhere for others often works badly in e-commerce for us. This may be true conversely.
Due to inadvertence, communication disturbance, internal power struggles, often the best solutions are also misplaced. This is also the case for companies with a serious framework. Due to inadvertence, communication disturbance, internal strength struggles, the best solutions will be misleading. This is also the case with companies with large incomes. In order to validate good solutions, a professional external expert is required to act as a mediator.
After the detection of the problem, the solution treatment can come! 

2017 - E-Bridge Mentor Program for B2B executives 

2016 - E-Bridges Portable Online Business Mentor Program

Business support program to reach more B2B customers

2015 - E-Bridge Retail launch and Elastic Mentor Program B2B and B2C

New incubator sales project for early-stage companies and start-up business to help to sell in EU member and non-EU member countries.

2014 - E-Bridges Global TM mentor program

New incubator sales project of Softinvent for young entrepreneurs and start-up business

2013 - Start using Responsive Templates for mobile friendly webstores

2012 - E-Bridge SOA online mentor program"

Design and promote SOA (service-oriented architecture) and new business models for SMS organizations

2011 Web office Program to promote billing and shipping software bridges in Cloud services}

CRM and ERP and Safe payment options in practice, considering to different requirement of EU and non-EU countries.

2010 - Marketing Integration program for SMS businesses

Online and traditional marketing integration in E-Bridges e-marketing Plan

2009 - E-Bridges Club road show in Hungary

Workshops for SMS business

2008- E-Bridges SEO Packages

E-Bridges ONE STEP OPTIMIZATION start-up SEO package

ONE SEO PACK  SEO + Google campaign design and set-up

Webstore and CRM Project management

2006 - Independent CeM eMarketer service

Marketing software integration in e-business

2005- Join to the Joomla! project

2004 - Google Adwords, SEM in EU and beyond

Distance work and project management using Skype

2003 - Internet marketing, build and run web sites with OS softwares

Expert Contact

Gabriella Lakatos CeM 

Senior Certified E-Marketer


Skype: eurobridge

E-mail: info @ e-bridges.eu

Call nr: +36 20 359 01 85

Corporate site: e-bridges.eu

Partner site in Hungary: emarketingexpert.eu

Server providers: godaddy.com, rochenhost.com


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