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  • Which billing software is proper for you? ...and for your customers? 

  • What payment methods are preferable in the target country?

  • Which dispatch service is preferable for your customers in the target country?

  • What retail and distribution model is the best for your products in Europe?


We are able to sell, pack and deliver your products

You may think that our online sales experience could have a limitation of how to sell offline. In the real business life, distributor channels work in the integration of the online and offline sales.

We are working with all participants of sales, country and area distributors, wholesalers, state authorities, logistics, dispatch centers and accountants. They are all parts of sales and purchase channels, so we are able to strengthen the whole sales process.


Some well-known facts:

If you sell goods and ship them to another EU country in B2C relation, you need to charge VAT at the rate applicable in that country - unless the total value of your sales to that country in the year falls below the limit set by the country (EUR 35 000 or EUR 100 000).


What does that mean especially for you? 


Do you need EU VAT number?

If you are registered for VAT e.g. in the UK and make distance sales to unique customers in another EU Member State, you should charge UK VAT until the value of your supplies in a calendar year exceed the distance selling threshold in that country. Once the value of your distance sales exceeds this threshold, you will be liable to register and account for VAT in that Member State. Each Member State is responsible for setting its own threshold, which is set in its own currency.

Your accountant helps you to register for VAT. We help you to make the right decision.


Do you need AvaTax integration?

You can handle even the most complex global tax situations and rules in the EU and beyond, including:
- U.S. companies selling to EU companies or consumers
- Intra-EU Transactions, including accurate tax calculation for virtual goods
- EU companies selling to companies or consumers in the U.S.
- EU companies with wholly owned subsidiaries in the U.S.


We offer 100% accurate sales tax calculations

Automatic filing, real-time calculation
On-time sales tax return filing,
Regular Sales Tax updates.


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