With almost 15 years of our past practice, references can hardly be presented in the normal way. Our work for companies sometimes obliges us to secrecy as well.


Instead, we present some of our works in progress


Keywords and key phrases:

Webstore for mobile phone sales ... Asian and European guarantees, differential pricing. Huge competitors, severe price competition, but consumer demand is almost endless. Google Adwords and presence on price comparison sites. Ad Campaigns almost constantly with sophisticated budget throughout the year. 2 step sales channel,70% of customers goes offline and finish shopping with a phone call personal sale. This business model has led to a niche market segment where competition is law. You understand that we do not want to say more ...


Keywords and key phrases:

Australian products arrive to the EU market in a Member State that does not belong in the € zone,... currency of payment AUD. Three subsidaries of their company marketed throughout the EU partly in Member States outside the € zone.  Accounted for the largest volume in € (prices unchanged for years, costs depend on daily currency rate). The products are marketed outside the EU too! ... look to the middle-east and east. In those countries customers purchase for the same goods on USD basis.

Earlier unsuccessfully tried to place the traditional wholesale system for their goods. Traditional selling chain operates today as 10-20 years ago did and worked as a XX. century was come to expect. We can understand why those methodes do not work now, and how to involve retail sales into the company's sales system today.
What optimized for the first time? The way of goods to the company's warehouse with payment solutions saving currency conversions from loss, bank transfer fees, settlement among  companies, delivery methods. After we optimized purchase channels and cash flow we develop  4-6 web shops and offers. Also softwares of delivery services, safe payments and online billing softwares will be implemented ... we work accountants and financial experts together....

At the same time we optimized the way of goods to the customers. Because of the long distances and high costs we designe online sales for the first two years. The shortest path to the customer is the only profitable solution. This is confirmed by data in black and white. The third phase comes from the further sale of the products in offline retail channels. To do this, we have built up a multi language multisites archtecture under some different domain names. Deliberately avoiding the phrase " web shop" , as there is much more to it : shopping carts , product promotion sites, Facebook business pages and Google's advertising system, each site is part of a unique solution. All this is embedded in eMarketing Plan , the annual cost plans , quarterly  ... otherwise it would be unmanageable for the several teams operated in business in 4 continents. That's the normal way to launch to the e-commerce isn'it.

Keywords and key phrases:

Scandinavian countries, the company own by a Hungarian expat  sells products,  Polish source of supply, country-specific banking payment and delivery solution, Google ads. The online store was developed by a Hungarian company. Their software is a so called unique software, in fact it is a downgraded program of a known high quality OS software . The volume of discount and free shipping on value -related purchase disappeared from the shop !  The web development company operated an out of date organization model... The manager has now left alone - without professionals. The program assumed recovery is principal in addition to Adwords campaigns. So simple, to say...


Keywords and key phrases:

Hungarian start-up plans to produce cosmetics for children, a really good idea associated with it. ... of what? I can not say to you about the production design of "what" and of   "how " is now made ​​up ( this stands or falls on the idea 's viability ) . Clarification of the sources of supply , production costs , transportation fees, the sale price - they work out together. ( He would not have thought so many things that must be considered and resolved in the web shop sales ) We are looking for a web development ordering. In the first six months of the product launch we have to clarify all the details of the invoicing of packaging costs . Selling is starting via the Internet by adding a product slate to the existing blog,the  web store development enters the second six -month stage ...


Some of products and sales recently supported in Hungary

  • Philips lights home interior
  • Aquasale  water resistant layers
  • Italian hair and beauty products for professional use
  • Medical devices for patients suffer from asthmatic symthomes


Last year, our largest sales project within 8 EU member countries was run with 10 000 € monthly online marketing budget. Our biggest success was to optimize the purchase channel within EU and cut cost of the overburdened organization by changing business model. This way margin of e-commerce encreased by 130%. It was easy job after we optimized channels.




Some of products and sales supported from and to Europe

  • Healthcare natural product from Australia - online distribution world wide
  • Contact lenses and solutions in Sweden
  • Smart gadgets for home healthcare
  • Thermos for commuters
  • Food, wines and spirits in France


Some of products in progress:

  • Authentic carved woden benches form Transylvanie
  • Garden led lights
  • Lingeries for full-figured women


Planning projects

  • Luxurious lingerie collection for Hungarian retail chanes
  • Rustic, hand made, reclaimed products for homes and gardens
  • Food thermometers
  • Refurbished electronics
  • Led lights and digital accessories for personal safety


Do you want to get some updated information and see some e-commerce sites designed by us,?

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