We are experienced in Google and Facebook ad MIX in Central-Europe

lakatos gabriella e marketer 2018 k1 transparentGabriella Lakatos E-Commerce and E-Marketing expert, E-business pioneer,

one of the first Certified online marketing professionals in Europe

10+ year experience in e-marketing integration



E-Bridge E-Marketing Professionals integrate e-marketing and traditional sales marketing with a well-organized service-oriented structure


E-Bridges Retail TM, E-Bridges E-Business ™, and E-Bridges eMarketing ™ are brands of Sofinvent Bt.


Marketing happens through many coordinated, forward-looking steps


The biggest challenge in a marketing campaign is getting your employees to use it properly within sales. We share the information and co-work with other employees in your company. We discovered nothing, but how your business can leverage a greater profit by E-Bridges Total Management.

 We provide high-quality online marketing campaigns in Europe

Some of our clients


Most of e-commerce campaigns are linked to some of the largest multi-store sites,

where we integrated the products of our clients.


Expert Contact

Gabriella Lakatos CeM 

Senior Certified E-Marketer


Skype: eurobridge

E-mail: info @ e-bridges.eu

Call nr: +36 20 359 01 85

Corporate site: e-bridges.eu

Partner site in Hungary: emarketingexpert.eu

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